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3 Benefits of Being an Ace of All Trades 


1) You Are Adaptable

When opportunity arises, you’re likely to be the first one to dive in and go for it. You develop a go-getter attitude. Lots of different fields have problems arise that sometimes require a different approach what’s considered normal, making you a go-to employee—or friend, or family member—that’s ideal for the job. Essentially, adaptability is usefulness, and that’s what you want to be: useful.

2) You Learn How to Learn

An Ace of All Trades is not content learning about just one thing. Your thirst for knowledge gives you the best skill you can learn: knowing how to learn. When you learn how to do one thing, curiosity takes hold and you start to learn associated skills too. You develop a sense for the best ways to learn something efficiently so you can be good enough at whatever you choose. It might sound a little silly, but when you know how to approach new skills properly, no mountain is too high. It just takes a little elbow grease and time.

3) Variety Is the Spice of Life

If you ever hit a wall at your current job, you can jump ship and swim to the shores of variety island. An Ace of All Trades gets their pick of work as long as they’re competent enough. While you’re working one job, you’re practicing other skills, making yourself ready to find excitement doing something new whenever you need it. No more boredom and no more ruts. Who knows, you might even encounter a field of expertise you never thought you’d be passionate about along the way.