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4 Tips on How to Fight Laziness and Stay Motivated


Laziness will destroy your future. Never think about the pain of something. Just do what you have to do. So go out and practice your skill until you’re too good to ignore. Here's 4 Tips on How to Fight Laziness and Stay Motivated


1. Reward yourself for things you complete and try.

By rewarding yourself after completion of small milestones along the way to the big one, you build in automatic reinforcement that you're doing the right thing. Keep most rewards simple but effective, such as watching a movie, splurging on a small dessert, taking an extended break. By using self-rewards, you'll train your mind to actively seek working to the reward.


2. Make a checklist of goals you want to move towards. 

A list of weekly goals will help you stay focused and motivated. As you power through them, check! Keeping the goals forefront in your mind requires actually focusing on them and a list can keep you energized through its ease of checking. Post the list everywhere and anywhere. Try making it your lock screen on your device or phone. Place a copy on the fridge, on your night stand, by your computer, on your bathroom mirror, even on the bedroom door.


3. Know that the work is worth it.

Most experts, professionals and geniuses will readily admit that most of their achievements are 99 percent sweat and one percent talent. Undisciplined talent gets few people anywhere. Steady and consistent thoughtfulness and work is the life blood to success.


4. Stay on track.

The longer that you delay restarting after finishing one element in your tasks or goals, the harder it becomes to restart. Remember the feelings of being deeply involved in getting things done, and how good it feels to achieve things. The sooner you restart, the more confident you'll feel and the sooner these good feelings will be restored.