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We at AllTec Plumbing, LLC strive to make sure that we are always giving our customers the best possible product! To do so, we have added yet another service that helps give our customers peace of mind when buying or selling their house.

We are now offering System Inspections for your home.


What is a System Inspection you ask?

 It is a compressive check of all the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC (heating & A/C) systems in your home. With the purpose to identify any problems that may be present in these systems.


Why should you have AllTec Plumbing, LLC preform a system inspection you ask?

Well, there are a few reasons:

* You will receive a detailed report with explanations of any problems found.

* You will receive the report within one business day

*Estimates for listed issues can be given with the report

*The technician preforming your inspection can preform any repairs, so there is not need for a middle man.


In normal AllTec fashion we offer completive pricing:

*1+2 bedroom homes $250

*3+4 bedroom homes $350

*5+ bedroom homes subject to higher pricing.


If you want to set up your System Inspection give us a call at 318-255-9020!

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